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Although I’m always a little terrified and nervous to hand over my manuscripts to anyone, passing it to Melissa is a no-brainer. The amount of time, effort, and thought put into editing my work shows through with her many comments, suggestions and grammatical corrections. I know that the book I gave to her is not the same I’ll receive and it will always be for the better. 


Thanks to Melissa's edits and feedback, I was able to revise my manuscript to the point where an editor from Entangled Teen acquired it—and this was even before an agent had gotten their hands on it!


Lindsey Duga, MG and YA writer. Add her debut novel, Kiss of the Royal, from Entangled Publishing to your Goodreads list here!

I'm not a normal client of Melissa's. We've been friends for fifteen years now, twelve years longer than I've had a completed manuscript. Turning over that first draft in 2013 was like revealing a new part of my soul. When her reaction to finishing the novel was to call me, I knew I was in for a lot of work. Two and a half years and 77,000 new words—none remaining from the first draft—later, I finally found the right story. 


That's the thing about Melissa: she told me the harshest truths about my first draft in the most encouraging tones. She could see where I was going with the story, knew where I wanted to take it, but could highlight where I'd failed the story. Her encouragement kept me from giving up. So when she saw the second, newer version—I could feel her excitement for me. I was almost there. 


Even her polishing can seem brutal—and don't get me started on query letter writing—but I promise you she's rooting for you to succeed with every comment, question, strike through, and deletion. I can't recommend her more.


~ Garrett Lemons, NA writer

Melissa is a fabulous editor with a gift for finding a manuscript's strengths and areas in need of improvement. She will give your pages a close, thoughtful read and provide insightful feedback on plot, character, and voice. I hired Melissa for developmental edits on the first chapters of a new novel, and she had wonderful ideas for what to keep, what to ditch, and extra layers to add while still keeping it essentially "mine." I would hire her again and enthusiastically recommend her to other clients.


~ J.A. Cleverly, YA writer

Melissa did an amazing job editing my fantasy novel! She communicated well, was very timely, and provided exactly what I was looking for! Highly recommend her for any editing services, and will be sending more work her way! Couldn't recommend her more!

~ R.J. Batla, author of Against the Beast: A Terraunum Origins Novella

Melissa is an outstanding editor! Her attention to detail and ability to offer candid advice in a kindly manner immediately won me over. She points out easily overlooked grammatical errors and plot holes, all while managing to come across as respectful and professional. Like a lot of writers, my manuscripts are like my babies and when I leave my "babies" with Melissa, I'm confident they're in good hands!


~ Paula Jones, blogger and YA writer

After reaching the end of my fifth draft and ripping so much hair out it was either time for a fresh pair of eyes or a wig, I set out to find an editor who might "get" my unusual novel. When I stumbled upon Melissa's website, I was thrilled to find she understood my dilemma and was very willing to take on the challenge. After she completed her editing (a week early!), I was over the moon with everything she accomplished. With her solid sense of flow and structure and keen editorial talent, she pointed to places my manuscript which were rocky; presented me with applause for the paragraphs which were on point; and offered me questions which, in turn, allowed me to reevaluate the structure of the plot, all of which went to make my story stronger. Though my book is still a work in progress, I feel as if I can finally see that light at the end of that gloomy literary tunnel. My only regret is that I didn't find Melissa when I finished my first draft!

~ Ellyn D., contemporary fantasy writer

Good Girl is the only editing service I use. With Melissa's dedication to my stories, you'd swear she were in the room with a hands-on approach during the whole process. Thorough and thoughtful editing—while attention to structure, plot, and characterism's—are just some of the many reasons you'll be coming back through those proverbial doors with your next project.

~ Ian K. Sylus

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